Screenshot 2014-11-08 08.46.34It’s morning and I’m blessed with an opportunity to write. Now, what about? I’ve got lots of work things on my list, but I need a break from that this minute…

So I look at a a few things that inspire me. Jeff Goins blog for writers is great. Christine Caine‘s new digital women’s magazine Propel makes me smile, too. Anything Elevation Church or Proverbs 31 are also great go-to’s. And then I also enjoy Slate, Good, and Design Milk.

But one of the things that helps me open up my brain and push out the things that clog my head the most is to take a drive. I started racing go karts when I was twelve years old, so this is likely how this all got started for me. One of my favorite recent drives was the one we took to Elevation Roanoke along Route 221.

There was this beautiful 30-mile section that twisted and turned along Bent Mountain Road. It took about 15 minutes longer than the main highway route, but it was worth it. Sometimes, I need to take a few literal twists and turns to unwind the knots in my head. I’d love to hear about your favorite drives, and the things that inspire you.

This post inspired by the Five Minute Friday writing community. This Friday’s prompt was the word TURN.Screenshot 2014-11-08 08.44.54 It took me more than five minutes (confession) because I’ve got two boys and a dog and a husband and old episodes of SURVIVOR are blaring in the room with me. And I love it.