It’s no longer Friday – but I promised myself I’d be intentional about blogging in 2014 – so here’s my #FMFParty (Five-minute Friday) thoughts on Lisa-Jo Baker‘s “crowd” prompt.

My wonderful husband in 2013 challenged our family to recognize the sabbath on Fridays. Since we’re blessed to be on staff at Elevation Church together, it’s our best day to spend together as a family, reflecting on God’s glory and goodness without distraction.

But it’s not easy for me to unplug. shut down. ignore the texts, emails, deadlines, and phone calls that ping at me all day. So Sean takes my phone away. Seriously.

He read a book called 24/6 in late 2012 that inspired his leading our family to “remember the sabbath.” It’s the only commandment that begins with “remember” says author/physician Matthew Sleeth – “it’s almost as if God knew we’d forget,” he says.

So on Fridays, when I could be spending time with friends, neighbors, coworkers or colleagues – I’m at home, spending time reading and playing baseball and board games with my family. We talk, we play, we get messy, we laugh. We don’t go anywhere. It’s weird, really. But I like it. I used to use Fridays to get caught up on everything I didn’t get done the rest of the week – cleaning, writing, answering calls/emails, and all manner of working.

On Fridays, my crowd is my family. And it’s just right.