DOWNTOWN CHARLOTTE – One of my favorite things each week, is hearing from our amazing Elevation Outreach volunteers about how God used them to reach people while they’re out serving.

Guys like Russell Goetting and Bruce Bloomquist have made it a priority to serve through our outreach partners weekly, monthly, sometimes (during #30daysofthanks or LOVE Week) even daily.  And I get notes like this:

The Lord used Laura Wells to bring a young couple into His Kingdom, and she is bringing them to Elevation this weekend to plug them in!  They came for one time help with utility bills, and left with eternal life.”  

And they send me stories like this every week.  Serving in the pre-work hour at Crisis Assistance Ministry is one of the easiest, most-rewarding outreach opportunities you can find during #30daysofthanks.  How could you NOT want to be a part of what God is doing through Elevation Outreach at Crisis Assistance Ministry?

Sign up here and look for the weekday “Fight Hunger” opportunities with “CAM”.  Then check out this short video about Elevation’s partnership with this great ministry.