Buck Buhler: Trainer, Friend, Encourager

Quick thought to launch your day…  are you living too much of your life in your comfort zone?

I crashed… hard last night during Boot Camp with Buck Buhler.  It happened right as my competitive spirit kicked in and I pushed a little too hard.

I tripped on my own big feet and took a friend down to the hard asphalt with me.  Laughing at my clumsiness, wincing in pain, I couldn’t stop thinking about what Buck had said right before we began the exercise.

“This is not step aerobics,” he said, “This is boot camp.”

Not that there’s anything wrong with step aerobics, but when it comes to exercise, and life – you don’t see gains unless you push yourself.

You must step out of your comfort zone to see God’s strength in your weakness.  Who’s pushing you past where YOU think you can go?  Everybody needs a Buck Buhler.  Someone to tell you to suck it up and push a little harder.  I believe in you.  You can do this.

What leap of faith is God asking you to take right now?  Are you standing on the edge of your known abilities and wondering if it’s time to jump?  If you are, I’d love to hear about it.  It would be an honor to pray for you and encourage you.