(MATTHEWS) 6:00AM – I don’t think I ever really realized how often I take my eyes off God.  How often I try to make my way through life without HIS joy and peace in my heart.  Last night I realized just how damaging that can be.  I ask your forgiveness up front if this post seems like a rambling moment of consciousness.  It is.

I had an awesome Saturday – working with creative friends with Bless Back Worldwide as we gear up for our trip to Haiti in December.  Fun with my first-grader making a pilgrim diorama for school.  Then came the breakdown.  A relationship frustration – an emotional burden – a poorly-handled conversation.  Does this happen to anybody else?

Then I put on my wounded, self-righteous, “I can do anything” attitude, let my anger get the best of my internal world, and put on my best face for the moments ahead.

Then, bam.  I fell right on my face.  Not literally, thank goodness.  But I didn’t perform an important task to my highest ability.  I walked out into the world all alone – with my head held high – but I was kidding myself.  When I take my eyes off Jesus, when I forget to ask him for help because I feel perfectly capable of walking this path that feels so well-worn without him – I fail.

Pastor Steven Furtick this morning at Elevation Church is on week two of his series “One Generation Away.”  He will speak on Ephesians 3:20-21.  If you’re like me, and need to hear from God more often than you even realize – you need to get there.