MATTHEWS, NC (9:18pm) – One of the most persistent questions I’m receiving right now is “what ARE you doing, now?”  It’s never been an uncomfortable question before – but it is, now.

When Sean and I moved to North Carolina in 2000, we moved for my career – so I could take a job at WBTV News in a city we knew we’d like better than Houston, Texas – where we’d lived for three years.  We never really intended for Charlotte to be our home – we imagined we’d stay a few years, and we would move back to the Pacific Northwest with our family.

Well, we came to love this city and its people – and about five years ago we started attending Elevation Church. I remember the moment exactly – you’ll think it’s corny – but here goes.  We’d been visiting several churches here after moving from Houston – and loving our church there.  We didn’t really find just the right fit until I walked into the Levine Senior Center in Matthews where this new church, Elevation was meeting.  There were fewer than 200 people there.

I’d been invited by this guy named Tyler who’d emailed me in the middle of the night about this crazy stunt the church was going to pull – dropping 50-thousand eggs from a helicopter on Easter Sunday.  I knew this would be our church.  The pastor was young – looked more like a youth minister – but could he ever sing!  The band was playing my favorite worship song, and with tears in my eyes I called my husband who was across the country at the time – held up the phone to the music and said, “I found our church.”

I told you it was corny.  But it’s the absolute truth.  And we have grown so much in our walk with God in these few years since.  He has come through for us time and time again – and now, more than ever, we are trusting him with our future and asking him to use our lives for his glory.  And the church has grown so much – from fewer than 200 when we first attended, to see more than 11,000 on this year’s Easter Sunday.

Some of my story is in the new book “Sun Stand Still,” by Pastor Steven Furtick.  It releases tomorrow nationwide.  It’s full of our stories and biblical truth about believing God for the impossible, about praying audacious prayers and believing God will come through.  I’ve never been more proud of my pastor, or my church than I am right now.

And starting Tuesday at noon – the same date as the book release – Pastor Steven will preach for 24 hours.  Sounds like a crazy stunt – but I know my Pastor’s not the kind of guy who could sit around on the day his book comes out.  A book we all believe has the potential to change the lives of every person who reads it.  None of us will be able to sit still.

Oh, so what am I doing now?  This minute, I’ve tucked the boys into bed, I’m telling you about what I believe is the most important thing you can do tomorrow (buy “Sun Stand Still”), I’m picking up my daughter from the airport for a 3-week visit – and tomorrow… I’ll be encouraging Pastor Steven as he preaches his guts out for 24 hours.

Wednesday – I’ll take my first grader to school – and then… we’ll keep taking steps to love on this city so big, folks will wonder what hit them – and we’ll point to the one who first loved us.  Beyond Wednesday, I’m believing in God for the impossible.