CHARLOTTE (11:35pm) – Television news is a demanding, stressful, rewarding line of work.  Little did I know when I started in Spokane, Washington straight out of college – just how far this career would take me, how much it would teach me, and how much I would fall in love with the people who make this business so rewarding.

But in the process of climbing this ladder, I’ve made trade-offs.  This wonderful career, this ambition of mine has cost me.  I missed my daughter’s school plays, and her high school prom.  I wasn’t there when my son lost his first tooth, or when he got his first hit in baseball and forgot to run to first base.  I’ve depended on my husband to carry more than his fair share of the childrearing and household duties.

So tonight, I’m trading up.  Trading in this very good thing – this career I’ve enjoyed so much, and have been so blessed by – and trading up for something even better.  I’m looking forward to a more focused, more manageable life.

In the short-term, that means I’ll pour my creative energies like never before into helping my husband’s business succeed.  He is an artistic genius whose work as a wedding photographer has been held back only by his loving support of my career and my ambitions.  I’m so proud of him, so thankful for him, and so look forward to stepping back to allow him to focus fully on his life’s work.

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Beyond that, I’m looking forward to a new adventure.  I’ll stay in Charlotte because I love this city and its people.  I’ll continue to work with my amazing church, and with the non-profits I love.  I’m entertaining a couple of job offers now – but in this moment, I’m taking a breath.  I’m giving thanks.  I’m looking forward to cooking healthy meals, playing Legos, and tucking my boys into bed at night.

So for one last time, “thank you for watching WBTV.  And thank you for making us your first choice for news at 11:00.  Good night.”