Grier Christenbury, Kindergartner fighting Neuroblastoma

CHARLOTTE, NC – No pressure here.  But what if where you eat for lunch tomorrow – or your dinner choice on Saturday night just might lead to a cure for cancer? 

Friends of Grier Christenbury have organized a nifty way for you to help raise funds for a non-profit called “Cookies for Kids Cancer.”

All through the month of September, businesses all over Charlotte will donate a portion of their proceeds, in honor of Grier – a local kindergartner fighting Neuroblastoma.

Friday’s generous business is Owen’s Bagels on South Boulevard.  You gotta eat, right?  So why not fight cancer at the same time.  Sounds like a tasty idea.  Here’s a link to the calendar of ALL 30 businesses who’ve jumped in to help.  Hope to see you out there enjoying bagels or biscuits for a cause.