Asher and CucumberThanks to our friends, Tanya and Jason – we’ve had a beautiful bounty of fresh produce right in our backyard this year.

I love being able to pop outside my door to pluck a few fresh basil leaves, a fresh tomato or cucumber for dinner.  Making efforts to eat food grown locally makes you a “locavore.”  Webster’s just added the word, and nearly 100 others to the dictionary.  Here’s the list – which includes other words like “staycation” and “frenemy”.

If you’d like to try to eat more food grown locally, here’s a list of local farmers from Slow Food Charlotte.  I’ve also got a couple favorites, including Sammy Koenigsberg and Marianne Battistone.  You can see Sammy every Saturday at the Matthews Farmer’s Market.  Find Marianne here, and enjoy summer’s bounty!