oxyclean sprayI’m not as cheap as I should be.  I’m learning to be cheap.  My parents didn’t grow up in the depression.  They were just poor.  And so when I started making money, all I really understood was how to spend it.  I was spending more than I was making and I have learned (again) that this is dumb.

So today, when I dribbled coffee on my shirt, I debated – buy a new shirt?  Or stop for stain remover.  In my past spending habits, I would have used this as an excellent excuse to buy a new shirt.  Instead, I opted for the stain remover.  $2.99.  Lots cheaper than a new shirt.

Although – the stain is still kind of there.  Maybe I should be drinking more water.  Coffee $4.  Water – free.  That would have solved both problems.