What an amazing day.

On a grand scale, this nation has sworn in its 44th President, the first African American to lead our country.  In case you missed it, here’s the text of Barack Obama’s inaugural address.

Check out President Obama’s new website, here.  You can even send him a message there.  (keep it brief please, just 500 characters.)

Here’s a great article on what the new President can do for health policies in this nation, and change the way this nation eats.

And we awoke to snow in parts of the Charlotte area tonight.  I saw the first flakes on I-77 Southbound last night as I left work – and I sent up a cheer for my friend and colleague Eric Thomas.  He says it’s much more fun to predict a big snow here, than it is to field the phone calls and emails the following day from people who are unhappy they didn’t get the amount of snow they wanted.

We made a tiny snowman in the backyard, and tried a new recipe for homemade snow ice cream.  What a wonderful, historic, unforgettable day.