I’ve been in the giggling spirit.  Laughing out loud about the silliest things.  It’s not that I’m deliriously happy.  I’m thankful – joyful – peaceful – all these things,  yes.  But maybe the giggling is my way of giving into the knowledge I can’t possibly get it all done.

The gifts, the food, the decorating, the laundry.

A friend of mine recently confessed to having unfolded laundry perpetually piled up around her house.  Small lumps of laundry outside the door of each of her children’s bedrooms.  I was thankful for her confession.  It made me feel less of a failure for my own laundry shortcomings.  I had five piles around my house on Monday.  And lately, I manage to get mine folded, but then it piles up at the bottom of my bed before I can get it put away, and ends up falling on the floor – and coming unfolded again.

And while we’re confessing, here’s mine for today.  I didn’t shower.  My shirt wasn’t clean.  And I left dirty dishes in the sink.  But we had a wonderful time caroling with friends and the kids.  And I found a couple more fun cookie recipes to try.  And vacation starts Friday at 11:35pm.

There, see.  I’m giggling again.  Merry Christmas.