It’s been a busy day.

Lots of interesting, important stories have crossed my desk.  I don’t have time (it’s sweeps) to write something about each of them.  But I thought you might like to know what’s “hot” in the newsroom today.

In Health and Technology:  “Should we be just a little paranoid about Google’s Flu Detector?” 

In Arts:  “April Fools Comes Early, Read All About It.”

In Sports:  “DEI and Ganassi to Combine Teams.”

Your Money:  “Negotiating Better Terms on Your Mortgage.”

Financial Crisis:  “Washington’s $5 Trillion Tab.”

Politics:  “Palin:  2012 Ticket Should Feature a Woman.”

Living:  “10 Jobs that Pay $80K a Year”

Environment:  “No Time to Dim Efficiency Ambitions.”

Health:  “Doctors Rely on Chemo Too Much.”