I’ve told you before how much I love my job.

On this second Tuesday in November, every year – I’m positively giddy.  And the anticipation this year, that the races will be tight, that there will be drama and emotion, makes me so thankful to be a journalist.

Early voting in North Carolina has been a huge success.  Nearly 2.6 million people in this state have cast their ballots early.  That’s a remarkable 42-percent.

Turnout today has not been the record breaker we expected… but it’s still early.  I breezed through my polling place in less than 30 minutes.  Kids were on the street screaming for Obama.  School board candidates were shaking hands as I walked in.

Once inside, Asher sat at my feet eating a pretzel, while I used my pen to color in a circle, by hand, for each candidate I chose.  I was voter number 262 in my precinct.  I know my vote will be counted.  That it will mean something.  And it was a privilege and an honor to be there.  No matter the outcome.

I’ll be live tonight at 4:00 with the latest from around the nation.  And then again at 5:30 with Jamie Boll.  He’s got this very cool “magic wall” that he is using for analysis of the vote before the polls close… and later into the evening.  We’ve got the best tools, and the best people.  I’ll head to the Hilton tonight to cover Mayor McCrory as he seeks the Governor’s office.  I love my job.