I love it when my pastor talks tough.  See his post here today on what to do during this economic crisis.

More importantly… what NOT to do.  I know you’re stressed out by the economy.  Here are some great tips on what to do with your 401K.

To cope, try these stress-relieving tips recommended by Frank Farley, a professor of psychological studies in education at Temple University.

*  take media reports with a hefty dose of salt  (watching CNBC non-stop is not healthy)

*  do something  (work on your budget, take a look at over-spending issues)

*  maintain a life balance  (maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine)

*  take stock of your life  (if you’ve still got your job, you are blessed – if you’re concerned you’ll lose yours, brush up that resume!)

Here are more tips from US News and World Report on how to deal with the anxiety.