Sometimes Life is Messy
Sometimes Life is Messy

Can life get any more wonderful?

Look at that face.
Messy.  Fabulous.  Fun.
And I’m enjoying every minute of it.
Except the ants.
Because there’s always bits of food on my floor.
In my kitchen.
I’m trying low-impact ways of getting rid of them.
It’s slow.  And I’m growing impatient.
They’re very, very large ants.
Tomorrow at 5:30 on WBTV:
Leilani Munter.  Her mantra: 
Life is Short. 
Race hard. 
Live Green.
An environmentalist race-car driver?
This is going to be GREAT!
IKEA is Coming!
To Charlotte in Spring 2009.
What I read from today:  1 John 1 and “A New Earth.”
What I saw this weekend:  “Awakening”
What I’m doing tomorrow:  Friendship Trays with the boys.